Food Bank

AFECC endeavour’s to deliver a comprehensive food bank service,

  1. To support those who struggle to provide for themselves and their families.
  2. Open to people from all backgrounds, races or religions.
  3. And work in conjunction with local charities and suppliers to provide basic food needs.

Our food bank is open 6 days a week, 4:30pm – 5:30pm and closed on Sundays. The food bank is located at 32-38 Dixon Avenue, Glasgow, G42 8EJ.

If you would like to contribute towards the food bank, the following items can be donated:

  • Dry foods: Pasta, rice, flour, sugar, pulses
  • Canned foods: Soups, beans, vegetables
  • Baked foods: Bread, pasties, desserts
  • Other: Coffee, tea, bottled water/juice, basic toiletries
  • w

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