Certificate Programme

This is a sisters only course which equips young students to deal with modern issues faced by our Muslim youth in the current climate. Students learn about new ideologies including feminism and liberalism as well as the Islamic viewpoint on various ideologies. Thus, helping students to navigate the modern world. Alongside, developing their understanding of the fundamentals of Islam to enable them to practise the religion effectively.

Students are taught real-life inspiring stories which help to increase their Emaan. As part of the curriculum taught to students, they receive a grounding in Fiqh, Tafsir as well as the methods of practically implementing the knowledge in their day-to-day lives. Students are taught in an engaging manner through the use of varied tasks including videos, quizzes and classroom discussions. Students currently part of this programme note that the lessons are interesting and varied.

The aim of this programme is to develop productive Muslims who are confident individuals in society. Classes are held once a week on the weekend for two hours per lesson. The term runs from August till June with the programme being three years in duration.


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