BSL Jummah Services

BSL Jummah Services

By the will of Allah, Al Farooq Education and Community Centre held Scotland’s first ever Jummah Khutbah in 2018 which was a landmark day for the Muslim deaf community. Since then AFECC have delivered many lectures, courses and sermons translated into British Sign Language.

AFECC works closely with Islam for Deaf, a charity organisation. Our collaboration allows us to serve the deaf community by facilitating a means of communication so that those afflicted individuals may also benefit from the authentic teachings of our religion.

We are grateful that Allah has allowed many to benefit from this work, whereas, in the past these members of the community felt neglected of such services.

Due to COVID, this service was brought to a halt but we have recently reintroduced this service. We continue to work towards adopting BSL translations as a staple service within our da’wah and outreach works.


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