AFECC Ardrossan

AFECC Ardrossan

In the coastal town of Ardrossan, Scotland, there is a Muslim population that has no facilities for prayer or a place to unite for any religious activity. The majority of the Muslim population there is made up of Syrian refugees who have been displaced due to the civil war.

Currently, the Muslim population in Ardrossan only have access to a small space in a church building which they can only use once a week for Friday prayers. Some have not been able to pray obligatory prayers in a Masjid (Mosque) for as long as eight years! Sometimes they have to travel for three or four hours to go to a Masjid. Mosques are more than a prayer spaces.

The AFECC Glasgow team in charge of this project seeks to re-create the success of programmes and community initiatives they run on-site in Glasgow, in the new Ardrossan branch. AFECC Glasgow, for example, runs a supper club 6 days a week which provides food parcels to forty-five people daily. AFECC Glasgow’s Mothers and Toddlers Club is held twice a week, and attended by forty mothers and their young children. It is a welcoming and engaging space in which mothers come together in support of one another and children flourish in the company of their newfound friends. Both these initiatives are open to the wider community.

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