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Ramadhan is one of the 12 months in the Islamic Calendar but there exist specific characteristics and virtues which distinguish this month from the others. A few have been listed below…

  1. Fasting this month (Siyam) is a pillar in Islam
  2. The Quran was revealed during this month
  3. Laylatul-Qadr (the Night of Decree), which is better than a thousand months, falls during Ramadhan
  4. Allah (swt) opens the gates of Paradise, closes the gates of Hellfire and chains up Shaytaan
  5. Every night Allah redeems people from the Hellfire

During this special month at AFECC we harness the positive energy of our community and committed team members to offer an experience unlike any other mosque in Glasgow. AFECC is renowned for going the extra mile during Ramadhan and that won’t change anytime soon. The welcoming and serene atmosphere combined with the hub of activity during the evenings capture the essence of this month in a unique way.

This is a month where the objectives of repentance, learning and self-improvement are paramount. The responsibility lies with us to encourage this as much as possible and to educate our community on its importance. Our Imams and teachers hold regular classes throughout Ramadhan on topics such as Aqeedah, Fiqh and Tafseer.

We organise Iftar for approximately 250-300 people a day for the full month which we believe is a beautiful way strengthening the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood within our community. We also provide a space for those carrying out Ihtiqaaf in the last 10 days of Ramadhan. There will be three slots for Eid Prayer to cater for our Arabic, Urdu and English-speaking community.

Immerse yourself fully in the spirit of Ramadhan by applying to sponsor an Iftar at £300.00 which covers the cost of fruit, starters, main course, beverages and single-use tableware. This donation goes even further as it helps greatly during the Ihtiqaaf period when the mosque becomes even busier. please click here to DONATE 

Please email at info@afecc.co.uk with any queries related to sponsoring an Iftar