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Niqah Services

Marriage can often prove to be a challenging process for brothers and sisters young and old. But its importance cannot be overstated. Al-Bayhaqi narrated in Shu’ab al-Eemaan from al-Raqaashi: “When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allah with regard to the other half.”

AFECC aims to make the process a lot smoother for those looking to get married. Our advisory service has a good track record of helping those who have experienced bumps along the journey to marriage and beyond. We also provide Niqah services within the mosque.

If you wish to conduct your Niqah at AFECC or have one of our Imams conduct a Niqah at a selected venue or need advice please email us at info@afecc.co.uk. 

AFECC recognises its link with the Registrar of marriages which legalise Muslim marriages and issues certificates on behalf of the Registrar. The following steps must be carried out…

  1. You must submit a marriage notice form to the marriage registrar. The form can be obtained online at: https://www.nrscotland.gov.uk/
  2. A minimum of 28 days notice must be given.
  3. You must provide the Imam with a marriage schedule and upon conclusion of the ceremony, two witnesses must sign it.
  4. The signed marriage schedule should be returned to the registration office within the time frame provided so the marriage can be registered.
  5. Your marriage certificate will then be posted to you.