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Funeral Services

AFECC currently provides a support and advice service to the community who are in the process of arranging a funeral for their family members or friends. Death is a reality that everyone must face and it’s important that the correct methods are implemented when families or individuals organise a funeral.

We offer advice on the following:

  • What to do when somebody passes away
  • Who to contact
  • The specifics of the Ghusl and Shroud
  • Bereavement counselling

If you also wish for the Janaza to be led at the masjid in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah or would like to enquire about any of these issues please email at info@afecc.co.uk

Our plans for the future

Due to the growing demand to provide an in-house funeral service, AFECC aims to have a section of the mosque dedicated to dealing solely with funeral services in the near future. This would include having our own mortuary, Ghusl room, offices for meetings and storage facilities.

Donating to our Funeral Fund would go a long way towards ensuring this service is made available to the whole community ASAP and the benefits are felt far and wide. DONATE